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Boniti Bespoke dressing mirrorBONITI BESPOKE launches the stunning collection of handmade mirrors by Simon Lunt. The perfect addition to any interior, all Boniti Bespoke mirrors are handmade to order and are designed and built to last generations.

the best wood

FSC Certified Oak – Finish options include two coats of a clear natural Beeswax, leaving a hardwearing but soft looking sheen. Two coats of clear hardwax oil, ideal for bathrooms and has a classic oiled oak finish. Or, our own whitened oil which has a similar look to ‘Limed’ oak, but more subtle and hardwearing.
American Black Walnut – Finish options include two coats of a clear natural Beeswax, leaving a hardwearing but soft looking sheen, keeping the walnut light in colour as pictured on page 4. Two coats of a clear hardwax oil, bringing out the amazing colours of walnut.
Regency Oak Boards – Finished with a complex mixture of treatments to produce a frame that has the look and texture of very old, very stylish floorboards. These can be oiled to protect the frame which darkens it slightly or left untouched.

size matters

Over the years, I have worked out that a good dressing room or hallway mirror size is 192cm height x 88cm width and a good fireplace size mirror is 115cm height x 130cm width. These sizes are what I refer to as the standard sizes and are sizes that most
customers are very happy with.
I make the mirrors to order so theoretically any size is possible but practically speaking the smallest frame I would make is 200cm measuring the width plus the height. The maximum size I can realistically handle is 400cm measuring the width plus the height.
Please call or email me for further information. Simon.


Delivery is done by myself or my colleague. We don’t send out mirrors b courier, no prizes for guessing why! Delivery cost is based on distance and time travelled from our workshop near Bath.


The dressing mirrors are designed to lean against the wall and have a safety-line ready to be fixed to the wall should the customer want to do so. We are not allowed to hang mirrors but can advise how to do it. The fireplace mirrors come with heavy duty solid hanging straps ready to go. If in doubt, ask.